Thursday, October 17, 2013

Capstone from May 2012

After a couple requests, here's a copy of my W&L Economics Capstone paper that I wrote about Bitcoin, submitted in May of 2012.  Please keep in mind at the time I wrote this I was a senior who's main priority was to get it done, so it's not very polished.

I've been tempted to go back and edit it, but I decided to leave it as it was originally submitted to preserve its historical value, particularly because it contained predictions about where I thought Bitcoin would go.  At the time I wrote it, Bitcoin was trading for around $5 per coin (currently it's at $145 per coin on


Edit:  I had messed up the sharing settings for my document, it should work now.  I also had a look at it, and apparently this is a slightly older version than the one I eventually turned in.  

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